Carlton Halleck Eddy, the father of Harriett Eddy Mantz, wife of Samuel, was born in Palmyria, New York, October 8, 1812. Carlton's wife was Katherine Hutchinson, born in Pittsburgh, PA, June 20, 1822. The mother of Katherine was Elizabeth Myers. Carlton and Katherine were married August 22, 1840, and had several children.
Sarah was born November 5, 1843 and married James Ward. They had seven children.
Albert was not married and was a depot agent at Cedar Rapids for some time.
Frank Ward lived in Clinton, Iowa.
Mattie married a Lull and lived in Chicago, IL, and they had two children.
Hattie married a Briggs and lived in Wisconsin.
Sister Nettie died. James Ward was dead and his widow Sarah lived at Clinton.

Nancy was born October 11, 1845 and married Lafe Wagner and moved to Yuma, Colorado. They had four boys and one girl, Ulyssis, Court, William, Richard and Myrtle.

Marie was born October 15, 1847 and married a man named Dococy. They had five children. Marie died in Salmon City, Idaho.

Jane was born March 13, 1853 and married Frank Wagner. Their children were; Bessie and Maude. Maude married a Mr. Ero and lived at North English, Iowa. Frank Wagner was a brother to Lafe Wagner. Frank died at Deed River, Iowa and was buried at Millersburg. Jane lived with her children.

Leander (Lee) was born November 26, 1841, Civil War veteran, married three times. (See information in obit.)

Harriett was born January 17, 1851, twelve miles from Mt. Vernon, Knox County, Ohio. The small town where she was born was Lock. When she was five years old, her family, along with others moved from Lock to Iowa City, Iowa, traveling by wagon with an ox team. She married Samuel Mantz and had six boys and two girls.

The Eddys moved on to Windham, Johnson county in 1855, where Carlton operated a blacksmith shop for two or three years. He purchased 120 acres of land and 40 acres of timber in 1857 six miles east of Millersburg, for $1.25 per acre. The family moved there and he operated a blacksmith shop one half mile east of Millersburg. Carlton Eddy died January 28, 1886 and was buried at Millersburg. Katherine Eddy died on 1892 and was also buried there.

The following information is some miscellaneous notes from Theodore Mantz on Harriett Eddy Mantz's family.

Eddyville, Iowa was named after the Eddys.

Harriett's father, Carlton Eddy, had a sister that married Mr. Harry Mott, a minister at the Christian Church at Oskaloosa, Iowa in 1851. Their children were:
Celestial Electa married Jesse Garner of Des Moines. He came to Iowa from Indiana. They were married in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Celestial died July 15, 1892 at Oskaloosa
Henry died when a baby.
Eddy married Lizzie Ballinger, daughter of Tommy Ballinger. Eddy was Clerk of District Court at Oskaloosa a number of years. Taught school there.
Mary married Hiram McGlasson. He died at the Old Soldiers Home. She was invalid for 15 years.
Miram married George Mendenhall. Both lived in Old Soldiers Home at Marshalltown, Iowa.
John Quincy moved to Long Lake, Minnesota.
Hiram ran a grist mill at Green Bay, Iowa.
Daughter (name not known) married James Ruan who was County Auditor at Oskaloosa
for 20 years..

Oskaloosa Veteran Dies
Leander Eddy Stricken suddenly at Old Peoples Building

Leander Eddy who entered the Old Soldiers home from Oskaloosa, Iowa, September 13, 1900, died suddenly Thursday night at 7:30 in the Old Peoples Building of hemorrhage of the bowels.
Mr. Eddy was discharged from the Home in 1901, but returned this fall. He was born in Knox County, Ohio, on November 26, 1841 and enlisted in Davenport, September, 1861 in Company 'G', 8th Iowa Infantry. He veteranized with his regiment and was discharged April 26, 1886 at Selma, Alabama.
He is survived my his wife, Mrs. Mary A. Eddy, a member of the Soldiers Home, a son Elmer of Oskaloosa, and a daughter, Mrs. Jesse Van Gorp, 532 West Nevada Street, Marshalltown.
The Services were held in the Assembly Hall at 3 o'clock Monday. Burial was in the Home Cemetery.
Leander Eddy, brother of Mrs. S. L. Mantz of Audobon, Iowa , died at the Old Soldiers Home at Marshalltown, Iowa on January 29, 1920, at 7:30 P.M.. Died at the age of 78.

Additional notes.
Resided at Oskaloosa, Iowa for about 35-40 years. Left a widow, Mary A. Eddy who resides with her son, Elmer Eddy of Oskaloosa.
Leander Eddy was married three times. First wife died in giving birth to a pair of twins. Divorced from second wife. One boy by second marriage. His name is J. W. Eddy, lived in Pueblo, Colorado, employed by Santa Fe Railroad. Second wife's name was Mary Robinson, she died 6 years ago, (1914) in Kansas City, MO.
Daughter, Alice Eddy Van Gorp, have son Harry Lee Van Gorp, age 3. Lives at Marshalltown. He is brake man for Mand. St. L. Ry. CO.
Martha Longstuth was name of Leander's first wife.
Mrs. Caroline Hiram McGlossen, cousin of Harriet Eddy Mantz was born in Ohio M. Hospital at Marshalltown, Iowa. Invalid for 15 years.
Elmer Eddy, son of Nathan Eddy and Wife married Ida Nelson at Oskaloosa. Have four children; Louise Alice, Frank Nelson, Jola May, and Mary Alice.

Last Will and Testament of Catherine Eddy

I, Catherine Eddy of Millersburg in the County of Iowa, and State of Iowa, of the age of seventy-three years of sound mind and memory do make, publish and declare this, my Last Will and Testament in the manner following, that is to say:
First, I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Ward, one red cow, about 9 years old, and I give and bequeath to William Kanzig, one cow, black and white color.
I give and bequeath to Ulysses S. Wagner three shoats, white color, and the corn in the crib my one half and my one half of corn in the shock.
I give and bequeath Ressie E, Gerrard one black cow, two years old.
Second, I give and devise to my children as follows; First of the proceeds of all my real estate after my just debts and funeral expenses are paid;
I give Five Dollars to my daughter Harriett Mantz. Second, to all the balance of my children and grandchildren as stated below, share and share alike.
Leander Eddy, Sarah Ward, Nancy J. Wagner, Hannah Maria Decoy, Jane Mary Wagner, and Ida Kanzig, granddaughter and Ulysses S. Wagner, grandson, real estate consisting of thirty- five acres in Section 8, Township 78, Range 11 West of the 5th P.M. And lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint Charles Seaton to be Executor of this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills by me made and I do hereby direct that my Executor shall not be obliged to give security as such.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 25th day of November, 1895.
Catherine Eddy

The above instrument consisting of one sheet was at date thereof signed, sealed published and declared by the said Catherine Eddy as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at her request and in n her presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto: The above instrument consisting of one sheet was at the date declared to us by the said Catherine Eddy the testator therein mentioned to be her last Will and Testament and at the same time acknowledged to us and each of us that she had signed and sealed the same and we therefore at her request and in her presence and in the presence of each other signed our names hereto as attesting Witnesses
J. H. Goodman..........Millersburg, Iowa County, IA
L. A. Wilson .............Millersburg, Iowa County, IA

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