Eskridge/Eveland/Van Buskirk Family

Colonel George Eskridge came to America about the year 1610, probably from Lincolnshire County, England. He located near the mouth of the Teocomice River on the banks of the Potomac River, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was an eminent lawyer, and represented his county in the House of Burgesses for many years. He worshiped at the Old Yeoconice Church.

He married first, Rebecca Bonum, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Phillpot Bonum.
Their children were William, George Jr., Samuel (Volks-Craddock) Forten They had one girl child Elizabeth.
George Eskridge was made guardian of Mary Ball, born 1707. Her father died when she was three years of age. Her mother married in 1713, Captain Richard Howes and Mrs. Howes died in 1721. She spent most of her younger years in the home of the Eskridge family and her mother's will which reads, "My daughter Mary Johnson Ball, do I put under the tutelage and government of Colonel George Eskridge". Her son and trusted and beloved friend were appointed executors of her estate. Mary Ball married March 6, 1730, August Washington, and named her first son George, in honor of her old friend and guardian, Colonel George Eskridge. Colonel Eskridge died in 1735.

George Eskridge Jr. married Hannah Rust, daughter of Samuel and Martha Rust. Their children were Samuel, George, William, and Rebecca. George Eskridge, Jr. died in 1731.

Samuel, first son of George and Hannah Rust Eskridge was born 1723 and married Mary Foushee Lewis. Their children were George, Samuel and Thomas.
George, first son of Samuel and Mary Lewis Eskridge, and great grandson of Colonel George Eskridge married Nelly Harvey, March 9, 1778. The children of Captain George and Nelly Harvey Eskridge were Harvey Foushee, Sarah and Rebecca.

Captain George Eskridge was born in 1757, place unknown. He enlisted in 1775, while a resident of Northumberland County, VA, and served in Light Dragoon under P. P. Thorston. He then served as a Minuteman, under Captain Thomas Jones of Northumberland County. In 1766, he was commissioned Ensign and served in Captain Edwin Hull's and Captain George L. Turberville's commands, of Colonel David Mason's Fifteenth Virginia Regiment. On January 1, 1777, he was commissioned Lieutenant of Captain Hulls's Company and Colonel David Mason's Regiment. In August, 1779, he was commissioned Captain of the militia of Northumberland County, VA and was in the siege of Yorkton. Date of discharge is not known. He was allowed a pension on application, executed August 18, 1818, at which time he lived in Hampshire County, VA.
His son was referred to in 1821, and it was stated that many years ago he had lived near Winchester, VA. In 1844 there appeared in the Winchester paper a notice for the heirs of Captain George Eskridge, and the whereabouts of Harvey and Sarah Eskridge, in regard to the settlement of the estate. These heirs, not being found, the entire estate was transferred to his daughter who had remained in Virginia, and married Hector Ball. His son and daughter had long ago moved to the west.

Sarah Eskridge, born about 1777, in Virginia, married Richard Beal Dimmitt, probably the son of William Dimmitt and Dorothy Swan, whose father was Burch Swan, of Baltimore County, Maryland. Richard Beal Dimmitt married first Belina Dimmitt, and second Sarah Eskridge. Their children were Beal Harvey, born November 28, 1806, Burch Swan born January 11, 1808, William Bell born November 3, 1810, James Shearer born October 1, 1812, Mary Ann and Evelyn Jane born May 17, 1815. Sarah Eskridge Dimmitt died in Highland County, Ohio, December 12, 1853, and her husband died June 3, 1845.

Lucia or Louisa Ellen Dimmitt married October 25, 1835, Joseph Eveland, son of Harmon and Jeanette (Johnson) Eveland. Their children were Beal, Dimmitt and Louisa.
Eveland Family

The first generation of record in America:

They trace the line of descent directly from Laurens Andriessen Van Buskirk, who came to America from Holstein, Denmark, in 1655 and his wife Jannetje Jans.
To the Eveland line, this authentic record is directly from one David Eveland, born 1690, settled on the Raritan River in New Jersey, prior to the sixth month in 1733, and died in Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey between May 28, 1753 and November 9, 1761, where his will was on file, in which he named his wife "Mary Eveland - - and my seven children - - ." David and Mary's children were John of Newton Sussex County, NJ, Peter, Fredrick of Hunterdon, Sussex Co, NJ who died June 3, 1766, Margaretta, Magdalina, Mary, and one other girl, name unknown.
Fredrick Eveland, son of David and Mary Eveland, was born about 1720. He was commissioner of the roads of Hunterdon County in 1755. He died in Essex County prior to June 1766. When letters of administration of his estate were granted to his son Fredrick, Jr., wife Anna Woolever, daughter of Jacob Woolever.
The children of Fredrick and Anna Woolever Eveland were John of Glen Garden, Hunterdon Co. NJ, born January 5, 1766, died March 5 17??, married Esther Van Buskirk, born January 28, 1751, died August 12, 1843; Daniel, a Revolutionary soldier, Peter born about 1760, who married a Rebecca and was also a Revolutionary soldier; George who settled in Ohio or Canada, Samuel of Philadelphia PA, and Fredrick, Jr. Van Buskirk or Van Boskirk or Esther Van Buskirk Eveland was the daughter of Peter Van Buskirk, whose will is on file at Trenton, NJ in will book 20, p.p.s. 241-243 dated (proved) July 30, 1778. Peter mentions eleven children, among them "Esther" wife of John Eveland, 2 grandchildren and his "beloved wife Jane". In this will the names of the children appear as in the following order;
To my eldest son Thomas
To my daughter Margaret (wife of Benjamin Streams)
To my daughter Aulteys (wife of Abraham Struts)
To my son Lucas Van Buskirk
Unto my grandchildren, Peter Forister and Mary Forister, children of John Forister and my daughter Aulteys
Unto my son Hannas Van Buskirk
Unto my daughter Manr wife of George Bangheart
Unto my daughter Jane, wife of Robert Mills
Unto my daughter Esther, wife of John Eveland
Unto my daughter Alice Van Buskirk
Unto my beloved Wife, Jane Van Buskirk
Direct to my sons John and Peter, etc. etc.
Unto my son John Van Buskirk who was baptized by that name, that farm I purchased from Samuel Johnson Esq.
Unto my youngest son, Peter Van Buskirk, the farm I live on.
His X signed Peter Van Buskirk, signed and sealed in the presence of:
Charles Hoff
Anna Jones
Thomas Little----?
The accompanying record shows that the above Peter, or Pieter Van Buskirk, is the son of Major Thomas L. Van Buskirk, the latter the fourth son of Lourens Andrisson Van Buskirk, who came from Holstein, Denmark, in 1655. Pieter was one of the eleven children mentioned in the will of Thomas Van Buskirk filed October 20, 1748 in Libr, P 539 New Jersey Archives, of Reeding, Hunterdon Co. NJ, a copy of this will also appears with the accompanying record. The dates and places of filing show the generations in the line of descent from Lourens Van Buskirk to Esther Van Buskirk to be correct and authentic. The records of Lourens Van Buskirk makes his descendants eligible to membership in many patriotic societies today including: Colonial Dames, colonial Daughters of the 17th Century, Founders and Patriots of America, etc.
He rose to be a member of the governors council, Chief Justice of the Bergan Justices, and the first man to administer the Coroners Las in America. His records first appear in a deed, 29 June, 1656 for a lot on Broad Street, New Amsterdam. (now New York City)
He then purchased a tract of land at Minhakwa, New Greenville, New Jersey. He took the oath of allegiance 2 November, 1665. He married Jannetje Jans, widow of Christian Bernstein, with her he received a fortune and four sons by her first marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Van Buskirk died in 1695. (the name Buskirk means "Church in the Woods")
Reference: "Chambers early Germans of New Jersey, pg 541. Lourens A Van Buskirk's marriage recorded in Vol.1, pg. 23, New York Dutch Records. He moved to Bergan, now part of Jersey City in 1662 and received a patent for 170 acres of land 26 March, 1667. Reference: Winfield's "Land Titles of Hudson Co. NJ.

The four other children of Lourens A Van Buskirk and wife Jannetje Jans were:
Andres, baptized March 3, 1669, died 1724
Laurens, married Hendrickje Van der Linde, his will dates May 7, 1722, approved January 4, 1724
Peter born January 1, 1666, married Trentje Hemause, daughter of Hans Hemause, died July 21, 1738.
Thomas, youngest son of the four born in Bergan, East Jersey. We descend from this Major Thomas.

Peter Van Buskirk was a son of Major Thomas Van Buskirk and Peter was the father of Esther Van Buskirk Eveland.

The children of Esther Van Buskirk and John Eveland were Peter, Jane, who married a Martinas, Esther, who also married a Martinas, Harmon, Elsie who married a McKinney, Fredrick and Joseph. Their son Joseph was born June 22, 1810 and died August, 1884. He married first, Louisa E. Dimmitt in October, 1835. She was born in Maryland, November 3, 1810, the daughter of Richard Beal Dimmitt and Sarah E. Eskridge. She died November 15, 1838, in Ohio. Their children were, Janette, Beal, and Louisa. The second wife of Joseph Eveland was Evelyn Jane Dimmitt, a sister of his first wife. Their children were Martha, Sarah, Harmon, Peter, Esther, Katurah and Frank. Seven other children died in infancy. Evelyn, the second wife of Joseph died March 30, 1904, at Wilton Junction, Muscateen Co., Iowa.

Harmon Aaron Eveland, the third child of Joseph and Evelyn Jane Dimmitt Eveland, was born April 24, 1844. On December 13, 1865 he was married to Anna Beardsley, born February 28, 1844 in Pennsylvania. To this marriage was born:
Mary Evelyn, born in Johnson Co. Iowa, Nov. 17, 1866. She married Anderson Dod Dickey. They had eleven children; Laura May, David Donald, Harmon Eveland, Eunice Esther, Viola Pearl, Daisy Marie, Alice Clara, Edra Charles, Nelson Russell, Mary Leah, and Frank Leslie.

Joseph, born July 5, 1869, Johnson Co. IA, and married Anna Dimmitt. To them were born three children, Hazel, Edwin and Pearl. After Anna's death he married, about 1900, Stella Blackman. They had twin daughters, Marcella and Margarett, who lived only two and three days, William and Alice.

Edwin Jarod, born September 21, 1871, married Salina Johnson. They adopted a boy Lavere, about 1898 and in 1901 a daughter, Leo, was born.

Clara Elizabeth, born February 7, 1874. she married Fernando M. Leeka. Their children were Alford Lester, George I., Orville, Veva, Grace and Nina.

Alice Maria, born March 2, 1876, married Dallas Hefflefinger. They had no children.

Harlin Floyd, born March 20, 1878, died March 2, 1880.

Anna Laura born September 9, 1880, married Charles R. Doran. Their children were Paul William, Carroll A., Leta Bertha, Chester, Raymond, Anna Laura, Emma, and Zelma
Ella May born December 15, 1882, married Irvin Rote. Their children were Cecil, Joseph B., (lived one year) Anna Alice, Homer, Victoria, Ted and Dean.

Harmon Lloid born March 5, 1888, married first Lena Grim, and had Raymond, Edith and Lucille. After Lena's death, he married Glayds Olson, they had no children.

Bertha Estella born March 4, 1890, married LeRoy Shearer. They had three daughters Helen, Hilda, and Wilma Jean. LeRoy died in March, 1972.

The children of Harmon and Anna Beardsley Eveland were all born in Iowa, the two older were born in Johnson County, and the remainder were born after moving to Dallas County., where all of them grew to adulthood on the farm purchased from the state of Iowa.
In 1880 the community built the Prairie Center Methodist Church one quarter mile east of the Eveland home on the hill just west of Misqueto Creek. The cemetery across the road was a part of the Eveland farm. The Eveland family were regular attendants along with many families from far and near in all directions, attending Sunday school and church services. The church was remodeled and a furnace installed in 1910.
All the children, except Mary, Joseph and Bertha married local people, having grown up in the community. All but three of the family were buried in the local cemetery. Edwin was buried in the Violet Hill Cemetery in Perry. Laura Doran was buried at Sidney, MT, and Bertha was living in California near their three daughters (in 1972).
Eveland and Van Buskirk: Note: Mrs. Charlotte Howe of Amarillo, Texas had in her possession 9/14/1928, an original letter from John Eveland, born 1755, dated September 26, 1831, from Lebanon Township, Hunterdon County, NJ, to his daughter Elsy Eveland McKinney and living then, in Miami Township, Milford Post Office, Ohio, Our great great grandparents.

The will of John Eveland born 1755 is on file in book #6, pg 512, at Flemington, New Jersey.
In the name of God, amen:
I, John Eveland of the township of Lebanon, in the county of Hunterdon and the state of New Jersey, being of perfect mind and memory, and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, do make, ordain and publish, this my last will and testament in manner and form following:
First: I give and bequeath unto my dearly beloved wife, Hester Eveland, one room in the manshon house, which I now live in, she to have choice of rooms, one good milch cow, one hog, three sheep and household furniture sufficient to keep house, and one third of all hay, grain, flax, and all that is raised on said premises, also pasture to his mother and one third of the products of as mentioned during her natural life, to be divided into the following manner.
Second: I give and bequeath unto my son Peter Eveland, two daughters, Jane Martinas And Esther Martinas, each twenty Dollars in lieu of lots of land which I here-to-fore had given my son Harmon Eveland and my daughter Elsie McKinney, and the residue of my personal property to be equally divided between my sons and three daughters, Harmon Eveland, Peter Eveland, Elsie McKinney, Jane Martinas and Esther Martinas, each to have share alike.
Third: After the decease of my wife, Hester Eveland, I order my executors to have all my lands equally divided among my six children, Harmon Eveland, Peter Eveland, Elsey (Eveland) McKinney, Jane Martinas, and Esther Martinas. It is my will and order that when division is made, that my son Peter Eveland shall keep his brother Fredrick Eveland during his life, and his share of the land is to go toward supporting him and at his decease if there be anything left after paying Peter Eveland for keeping the said Fredrick Eveland, the residue to be equally divided between his brothers and sisters or their heirs, each to have share alike.
I do hereby appoint my son Peter Eveland, my son-in-law John Martinas and Adam Rinkle my executors of this, my last will and testament.
In witness whereunto I set my hand and seal this twenty seventh day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty four. John Eveland, signed sealed, pronounced by said John Eveland in the presents of us who have in his presents and the presents of each other, subscribed our names.
Corns, Stewart
Hury Carter, Jr.
Jno Lake
Will book no 6. p. 612, Flemington, NJ Proved April 24, 1837
Our line descends from Harmon D. Eveland who married Janetta Johnston. The marriage of this couple is recorded in Marriage record book vol. 2, p. 94, Hunterdon Co. NJ in the office of the County Clerk at Flemington, NJ, dated March 30, 1800. They are buried beside each other in the old Union Cemetery three miles east of Miamiville, Ohio, and their birth and death dates are recorded on their tombstones. Harmon Eveland, born in NJ, July 29, 1775, and died August 16, 1831 when he fell from a mill he and his son were working on with Peter. Peter recovered but Harmon died. It is of this event Harmon's parents, John and Esther, speak in a letter to their daughter, Elsy McKinney in 1831. Janetta Johnston was born in NJ October 14, 1780, the daughter of Samuel and Mary Johnston. They came to Clermont Co. Ohio, near Loveland in 1816, and here some of their descendants still reside.

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