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John T. Taylor born February 15, 1826 died March 30, 1909 married Catharine Bitzer in 1847. She died June 6, 1884. His parents are Philip Taylor and Delilah Jacobs.

In the 1860 Census I found the following:
Roll-959 Page 339 Fayette County, Union Township, Washington Court House Post Office, Ohio

House 409:

I surmise that the following family are possibly however, not confirmed relatives of John:

House 404:

He married at least 2 more times after she died. According to the WPA Index to Marriage Records for Hamilton County Indiana first he married at age 59 to Rebecca Hinshaw age 53 on November 21, 1885 (book 7, p. 318). She died January 24, 1900. He at age 71 then married Mary J. Whelchel on January 22, 1901. (book C-5, p. 8) .

Obituary of John T. Taylor, THE HAMILTON COUNTY TIMES, Friday, April 9, 1909, p. 7: Briefly abstracted, John was born in Ohio on February 15, 1826 and died March 30, 1909. He married Catherine Bitzer in 1847. They had seven children, four living and three dead. [No names were listed for any of them.] Served in Company "F", 168th Ohio Regiment National Guards in 1864. Wounded in Cynthiana, KY. Member of G. A. R. First joined M. E. church, later joined Friends Church. Wife, Catherine, died June 6, 1884. Lived with son, W. A. Taylor for the last seven years of his life.

I would like to thank N. Massey in Hamilton County for looking up the information on John Taylor for me.


Jacob Taylor born in Ohio circa 1850 was married to Laura Ellen Cox born in Iowa circa 1856 died May 28, 1893. This is according to their ages listed on the 1880 Indiana census which locates them in Eagletown, Hamilton County, Indiana, Washington Township. Their children at this time were Albert born circa 1873 in Indiana. Frank Taylor born December 22, 1875 in Indiana. Harry was born March 13, 1884. On February 15, 1896 Jacob married Anna Norman.

Frank married Clara Mantz in Audobon, Iowa on June 17, 1904. Frank and Clara Taylor and their one year old daughter, Alice came to Kiowa County, Oklahoma on June 17, 1906. It was Clara's 23rd birthday, and their wedding anniversary.

They came from Audubon, Iowa in an immigrant car on a freight train. They had their horses, cows, plows, household goods, and pre-cut lumber to build a house. They lived in a half dug-out and tent until their house was built. Frank was a carpenter, turned farmer when they arrived in Oklahoma.

They built the house on a farm owned by Samuel Mantz, Clara's father, five miles west of Hobart. Their son, Jack Mervyn, was born August 30, 1907. On that date a big cloud came up and they had to carry mother and baby to the storm cellar. They were both very afraid of storms all of their lives.

In order to pay poll tax, Frank said he helped set out trees on the courthouse lawn and later he worked on county roads a day or two a year.

In the spring of either 1908 or 1909, Mr. Mantz sold the farm and Frank and Clara moved to a farm two miles north and one west of town called the Burford Lake Farm. It was owned by Everett Mantz, Clara's brother. Here on November 10, 1909 a son, Halleck Merle, was born. They lived there until 1912 when they moved back to Audubon, Iowa.

Eventually, as their children were growing up they rented a farm near Panora, Iowa in Guthrie County.

Alice learned to be a milliner, a hat maker. At age 18 she married Harold Todd and they moved to South Dakota. Jack helped with the farm work and in August, 1928 he marriedMildred Hodson. Hal, also helped with the farming and on March 27, 1929 he married a neighbor girl, Victoria Rote. (Hal and Victoria are my grandparents)

In 1933, Clara and Frank rented an immigrant car on a freight train and arrived in Hobart on June 17. They brought cows, horses, chickens, household goods and a dog named Shep.

Again, they lived in a tent while they papered and painted and repaired the house on the Burford Lake Farm. This farm continues to owned by the family.

In November of 1933, Jack and Mildred Taylor and their children, arrived in Oklahoma. They built a house for them to live in. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Rote, Victoria's parents, drove their car and brought Hal and Victoria and the 2 children the had at that time (they had 4 more children after they moved), in December of the same year. There was an old house on the farm that Mr.Mantz had lived in when he visited Oklahoma so it was moved and fixed up for a home for Hal and his family.

In 1936, Frank and Clara went to Natalia, Texas and bought a small farm and built a house. They lived there about a year and Jack and Mildred and family moved there. Frank and Clara came back to Hobart.

Frank died on January 2, 1939 and Clara went to South Dakota to live with her daughter, Alice Todd and family for a year. When she came back to Oklahoma she bought a house in Hobart and lived there until her death on November 5, 1970.

Jack and his family moved to Worth, Missouri where they lived until Jack's death. Alice and Harold Todd lived in Alliance, Nebraska until their deaths. Hal and Victoria lived in Hobart until Hal's death and Victoria still lives there.

The above was written by Victoria Taylor and reprinted in the Kiowa County, Oklahoma History Book.

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